Ocoee Kids Eye Care

Kids Eye Care in Ocoee

If your child needs to have an eye exam, we hope you will visit us at Optical Outlets. At our vision practice, your child can have a comprehensive eye exam as well as receive Ocoee kids eye care.

Ocoee Kids Eye Care

If your child is not living up to his or her potential at school, chances are that he or she may have an undiagnosed vision problem. In fact, many children are diagnosed with learning disabilities when what they actually have is trouble seeing. Surprisingly, children often do not even think to mention to their parents that they are having trouble seeing at school. For this reason, we recommend that children come in for a comprehensive eye exam at the time interval recommended by our optometrist. At our vision practice we can also provide Ocoee kids eye care when needed. During our eye exams your child will be screened for many common pediatric vision problems. Congenital cataracts is a problem which can be diagnosed at our vision practice. We also see many children who have nearsightedness, amblyopia, or strabismus. Amblyopia is commonly referred to as lazy eye.

When a child has one eye which is a lot stronger than the other eye, the brain will learn to ignore signals from the weaker eye and only pay attention to the stronger eye. This can result in serious vision problems for the child. Luckily, this vision problem can generally be easily treated when caught early. Sometimes it can be changed by having the child’s stronger eye patched for a period of time each day, giving the weaker eye a chance to better develop. Another common childhood vision problem is strabismus. This means that both eyes do not always focus on the same object; one eye will tend to wander, and not focus on the object that is straight ahead. At our vision practice our eye doctor can also treat common eye problems such as conjunctivitis.

For an appointment for your child to see our optometrists for Ocoee kids eye care, contact us today.


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