Ocoee Contact Lenses

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Here at Optical Outlets, we’re proud to carry the finest brand names for you to choose from with our Ocoee contact lenses. We also feature a variety of categories to match your personal preferences and vision requirements. But all of that would be hollow if it were not backed up by our service. It’s important to understand that you have to take more precautions when wearing contact lenses than you do when you wear eyeglasses, simply because they go inside your eyes. In order to ensure that you, our valued customer, feel comfortable, get the best vision correction possible,and are protected against eye irritation and infections, we do a contact lens exam and fitting. And don’t forget our special: get a six month supply of Encore Premium contact lenses for just $19.95 per box.


Ocoee Contact Lenses

Everyone should have a complete eye exam annually, but a contact lens exam is more detailed, and is designed so that you will get maximum benefit from your prescription, without fuss, trouble, or difficulties. The parts of your eyes that touch the contact lenses, which are your eyelids, conjunctiva, and corneas, are tested, as well as the curvature of your corneas. Without this easy process, you could be exposed to the chance of eye damage, something that we never want to happen when you wear our Ocoee contact lenses.

As for fittings, no corrective lenses are worth very much if you don’t actually wear them. And it’s our goal to determine that our Ocoee contact lenses feel good when you put them in, not causing you any undue discomfort. In addition, you get the most out of the them when they are centered ideally, and that is why the alignment of your contacts will be paid attention to.

When you consider all of the excellent reasons that you would want to choose contacts, such as a more natural and unhindered vision than you get with eyeglasses, there is every reason to opt for them to correct your vision. And with the added peace of mind that our contact lens exams and fittings offer you, we’re certain that you’re going to be thrilled to wear our Ocoee contact lenses.


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